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Exercise Summary Referenced in
Evil Bun Bun How much food does Evil Bun Bun need for his clone army? More exercises
Exercises and grades Compare average exam scores for people who submitted many exercises to average scores for people who submitted fewer exercises. More exercises
Extract large price changes Extract data showing large price changes. Extracting to a worksheet
Extract the quackers Which ducks quack the most? Extracting to a worksheet
Favorite animal again Redo the favorite animal program with different I/O. Patterns nest
Favorite animal in Excel Implement the favorite animal program in Excel. Iffy variables
Favorite bird frequencies Compute frequencies of favorite birds, for customers who purchased $100 or more. Frequencies
Find the quackers Which ducks quack the most? Filtering data
Happiness estimator Estimate your happiness, based on your degree, age, and humor rating. More exercises
How many tires? Given the number of bikes and cars you have, how many tires do you have? More exercises
Is that a Beatle? Write a program to tell whether a person was a Beatle. If statements and logical expressions
Jessica's bad day Jessica had a bad day. What is it going to cost us? More exercises
Karla Krab Party Planner Help Karla Krab plan her legendary parties. More exercises
Larry and the Lions A Cats revival, with pole dancing. More exercises
Migos Write a program that inputs the name of a Migos band member. Loops
More dwarves? How many dwarves do you need to match a number of Snow Whites? More exercises
Odds Write a program to show the odd numbers from 1 to 9. Loops
Ohm's law Ohm's law is V=IR. Write a program that, given I and R, computes V. From Eva to Excel
One Direction Write a program that inputs the name of a One Direction member.
Optimal order quantity Work out the optimal order quantity, with or without Smurfs. More exercises