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Exercise Summary Referenced in
Paintball Halloween How many paintballs will you need for Halloween? More exercises
Parade length Compute the length of a parade from the number of floats and bands. More exercises
Parse scientific names Parse a species' scientific name into its components. String expressions
Paula's merch sales Are merch sales higher at personalized or generic funerals? More exercises
Petting zoo food cost What will it cost to feed the animals? More exercises
Pinata pricing Compute the total price for an order of pinatas. More exercises
Pineapple sweetness More exercises
Place setting items How many items will you need for place settings for a dinner party? More exercises
Place setting items to the Web Add Web output to your place settings solution. More exercises
Price a computer lab More exercises
Price a computer lab: Web output More exercises
Probing notoriety Make a probing tour planner for Galatrax. More exercises
Puffin length Compute statistics for puffin lengths, ignoring outliers. More exercises
Roots of a quadratic: Subs Find the roots of a quadratic again, but the Subs. User input and flags
Sales for some stores Compute sales statistics for stores 1 to 3 in weeks 1 to 10. Basic data analysis programs
Sales for some stores, with files Sales again, but input from a file, and output to a Web page. Reading a file
Seesaw weight difference Fix the bug in this program. Numeric expressions
Show large price changes Mark large changes in price data. Filtering data
Squid racing Compute squid racing statistics. More exercises
Stats for price data Compute stats for price data. Accumulators