This course helps business humans get started with programming. It's designed for intro programming courses in undergraduate management information systems (MIS) majors. MIS is usually found in business schools.

On the right (and down a bit), you'll see links to the course blueprint. It tells you how the course was designed. Context, outcomes, like that. If you're a prof or instructional designer, start there.

Kieran Mathieson created the course. He's an old dude, who's been programming since the '70s. He's studied learning since 2005. Learning research informed the design and implementation of the course. Learn more in the course blueprint.

The course was created with CyberCourse, aka Cyco. Cyco is open source software for writing super-textbook-like-things called cycourses. Cyco is designed for intro skills courses. Statistics, writing, like that.

If you're a student and have questions about assignment, grading, or such, contact your instructor. If you have other suggestions or questions, please contact Kieran (kieran at dolfinity.com).