Want to learn computer programming? Awesome!

You'll learn with Microsoft Excel. Why Excel? Reason the First: you may already know how to use Excel. You don't need to be an Excel expert to take this course. But it would help if you know how to enter formulas, copy cells, use the SUM function, like that.

Reason the Second: Knowing how to program with Excel is Wicked Useful! For example, maybe you spend a couple of days every quarter writing a sales report. If you know how, you can program Excel to do most of the work for you. Do two days of work in two hours. Yeeeeeehaaaaa!

Can you learn this stuff? Yes! Here's the only math you'll need:

Excel + programming = awesome sauce

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Check with your instructor to see if there are any extra things you need to do.

When you're ready, jump to What you'll learn.

For reviewers

This is a live course, and a demo for CyberCourse, aka Cyco. Cyco is open source software for writing super-textbook-like-things called Cycourses. Cyco is designed for intro skills courses. Statistics, writing, programming, like that.

About Cycourses:

  • Flipped. No lectures. Students read content and work on exercises outside of class. In class, faculty help students one-on-one.
  • Many exercises. Students create things, fix things, improve things, etc.
  • Formative feedback from humans. Not just a grade, but a list of things students did right and wrong.
  • Patterns and Big Ideas to help students learn problem solving.
  • More…

Kieran Mathieson (that's me, the dude typing) wrote this programming course for university business students. It's not a comp sci course. The context and goals are different.

Check out the course blueprint. It's…, er, the blueprint for the course. Usually the blueprint is hidden, but it's visible in this sample course.

Questions? Comments? Tell me on Google+ (+Kieran Mathieson). Or email me at kieran@dolfinity.com.