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Exercise Summary Referenced in
Stock price weekly change Find the percentage change in stock price. Make sure input is numeric. More exercises
t statistic bugs Types of bugs
Teleport price Compute the price of teleporting cargo betwixt Earth and Mars. Indexes
Tic tac toe winner Complete the @Sub@ that checks for the tic tac toe winner. Indexes
Tony's travel tracker Write a program to help Tony run his "fishing" business. More exercises
Total-high-low Write a program to find the total, highest value, and lowest value of a data set. Accumulators
Toupee pricing Estimate the price of toupees. More exercises
Ulma's Ungulates Work out the cost of renting an ungulate. More exercises
What's the cricket score? Compute a cricket score using validation and subroutines. More exercises
Who won? Show who won. Good guys, bad guys, or a draw. More exercises
Xoop panel candidates Compute statistics for puffin lengths, ignoring outliers. More exercises