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Exercise: Crafty bugs
Download this workbook for planning an arts and crafts show. You tell it how many small exhibits and large exhibits will be in the show, and it will tell you how many of these you'll need:

  • Tables
  • Table cloths
  • Table sign holder
  • Chairs
  • Power strips

It's supposed to use these rules:

  • Each large exhibit gets its own table. Each small exhibit gets half a table, so two small exhibits share one table. Plus three tables for the ticket counter. Round the total up. So if you need 14.5 tables, round up to 15.
  • One table cloth for each table.
  • One table sign holder for each exhibit, and one for the ticket counter.
  • One chair for each small exhibit, two for each large exhibit, four for the ticket counter, and four extras.
  • There's a power strip for each two exhibit tables. Round up. Plus two for the ticket counter, and two spares.

Here's an example of the correct output:


Unfortunately, the file you downloaded has bugs. Fix them. Upload your solution.



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