Dog advice

Write a program to give advice on how many dogs people should have. The program starts like this:


The user puts a number in cell B1, and clicks the button. Advice appears:


Use this table:

Dogs Advice
0 Get some dogs!
1 Get another dog.
2 That's the right number of dogs.
More than 2 You have too many dogs.

Here's some code. You don't have to use it.

Option Explicit

Private Sub cmdRun_Click()
    Dim numDogs As Integer
    Dim advice As String
    numDogs = Cells(1, 2)
    [Your code here.]
    Cells(4, 1) = advice
End Sub

An Integer is a type of number; specifically, it's a whole number. More on that later.

You can assume that users make no errors when they type in their input.

Upload your solution. The usual coding standards apply.

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