Deadliest ballet

Ballet is the deadliest of the arts. For audiences. More people die of boredom at ballet than even opera. Though it's close.

Two ballets are particularly deadly: Swoon Lake, and Griselle. In some countries, they are as welcome as sarin gas.

Download a start spreadsheet with data on a few years of performances of these two ballets. Here's what it looks like:


Write a program that works out which ballet is the deadliest, based on average deaths at performances. Here's the output:


There are two parts to the output. First, there's overall data for all ballets. Overall deaths, overall number of performances, and average deaths per performance.

Second, there's data for the deadliest ballet, whichever one that is. There's the name of the ballet, total deaths for that ballet, number of performances, and average deaths per performance for that ballet.

Important! Write the code so that it works no matter how much data there is. 50 records, 103, 212, it will still work.

You can assume that all of the data is valid. Upper/lowercase for ballet names is not an issue, either. Nor is extra whitespace.

Upload your solution. The normal coding standards apply.

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