Beligerent Unicycles

Beligerent Unicycles makes top quality unicycles, with a difference. They cost more, but you get respect!

They have three models. The FlameOut 5000 carries a napalm thrower. The Ratatat Special has a 0.30 cal machine gun. The Target 20 has no weapons.

Here are the parts required to make each model:

Model Parts list
FlameOut One frame, one steel wheel, one napalm thrower
Ratatat One frame, one rubber wheel, one 0.30 cal MG
Target One frame, one rubber wheel

Here are parts costs:

Part Unit cost
Frame $128.66
Rubber wheel $52.76
Steel wheel $228.55
Napalm thrower $1459
0.30 cal MG $2048

Write a program that will compute the parts cost for an order. The worksheet starts like this:


Users enter values for each unicycle model, and click Run. Your program checks that each value is numeric, and between 0 and 50 inclusive. If not, it shows an error message. For example:



If the data is OK, the program computes and shows parts cost:


Use the IPO pattern, with at least one sub for each. The usual coding standards apply.

Upload your solution.

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