Parsing stock data


Data analysts write programs to sift through data. One aspect of that is parsing, that is, extracting the data you want from a bunch of data with a particular format.

Here's code that parses data.

Dim rawData As String
Dim cc As String
Dim ccl As Integer
Dim temp As String
Dim result As String
rawData = "dwe|334.25|faa|32.5|faj|4.5"
cc = "faa"
ccl = InStr(rawData, cc)
temp = Mid(rawData, ccl + Len(cc) + 1)
ccl = InStr(temp, "|")
result = Left(temp, ccl - 1)

What is the value of result at the end of the program?

Work it out on paper first, before you try it in Excel.

Response type: 

Try putting the program into Excel. Change cc to one of the other codes, and see if the program still works.