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Exercise Summary Referenced in
Annual Percentage Yield Compute the annual percentage yield. More exercises
Aussie rules in Excel Implement the Aussie rules program in Excel. From Eva to Excel
Beligerent Unicycles Compute the parts costs for some unicycles.
Catbots Compute the cost of a Catbots order. More exercises
Character classes Work out the base attributes of a character in an RPG. More exercises
Comparing regional sales Find the region with the greater sales. Finding the end
Compute hypotenuse with validation Compute the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle, with input validation. Reusing code
Compute tip again The tip calculator, with different I/O. Patterns nest
Count the data values How much data in a column? Finding the end
Crafty bugs Fix this program that helps plan an arts and crafts show. More exercises
Dangerous yoga poses Show the safest and most dangerous yoga poses. More exercises
Dog advice Give advice on how many dogs people should have. Iffy variables
Dog count How many dogs? Indexes and loops are BFFs
Dogs playing poker Write a program to compute the cost of throwing a dog poker party. More exercises
Euros to USD Convert euros to USD. More exercises
Evens Write a program to show the even numbers from 2 to 10. Loops
Exercises and grades Compare average exam scores for people who submitted many exercises to average scores for people who submitted fewer exercises. More exercises
Extract large price changes Extract data showing large price changes. Extracting to a worksheet
Extract the quackers Which ducks quack the most? Extracting to a worksheet
Favorite animal again Redo the favorite animal program with different I/O. Patterns nest