Puffin length

Puffin Download a workbook with data on the length of puffins. It looks like this:


("Total obs" means "Total observations.")

Most puffins are between 24 cm and 34 cm in length. Puffins smaller than 24 cm or larger than 34 cm are outliers, possibly mutant puffins with superpowers. For example, the infamous super-villain The Dart was a short puffin. She sank 18 ships in the Atlantic before being taken out by Seal Team 3.

Seal Team 3

Seal Team 3

Write a VBA program that:

  • Marks outliers in yellow.
  • Computes statistics.

Here's part of the output:


Round the average to one decimal place.

Write your program so that it adjusts if the number of rows changes. So your code should work if there are 28 observations, 59 observations, or 1,322 observations.

Assume that all of the data is valid, that is, all lengths are numeric, and greater than zero.

Normal coding standards apply.

Upload your worksheet. If you want, include your name in the file name, e.g., lenny-kravitz-puffin-length.xlsm.

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