Paula's merch sales

Comedic genius Paula Poundstone will do a 20-minute set at your funeral, for a reasonable (though somewhat random) fee. Plus expenses. Like a heavy-lift helicopter for her luggage.

Paula will do a generic set, or, for an extra fee, will personalize her material. For example:

"Bob's widow, Gail, seems distraught. I don't know why. She'll be able to spend more time with Fabio, her personal 'trainer.'" (Air quotes included at no extra charge. Paula is always classy.)

Paula sells merch at every funeral. Tri-poly blend t-shirts, balloon models of the departed… much else.

Paula thinks that merch sales might be higher at personalized funerals, than at generic ones. Her henchman Adam, who's at every funeral, scoffs at the idea. Write a program to figure out who's right.

Download the starting worksheet. It looks like this:


Add you own code. When the Run button is clicked, you should see this:


Some notes:

  • Exclude funerals from Florida (FL) and Texas (TX). Those states are too weird.
  • Put a line though the rows for Florida and Texas. Something like: Cells(?,?).Font.Strikethrough = True
  • Assume there are no data errors, although…
  • Bonnie Burns crinkled some of the data. Just a little. The state codes could be upper- or lowercase, or a mix. There may be extra spaces at the start or end of the codes, too, like "mI ". The same for the personalized column, e.g., " y".
  • Round the averages, like this: Str(Round(someVariableHere))

Upload your solution to this website.

Note: this task has not been authorized by Paula, MaxiFun, or anyone else, although her Christmas puppy likes it. AFAIK, Paula does not do funerals. It's a good idea, though.

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