Price a computer lab: Web output

Earlier, you wrote a program to price a computer lab. If you haven't done it, do so now.

Change the program to output a Web page, that includes the name of the client, and the date the program was run.

Input the name of the client, and the name of the output file from the worksheet:


Sample output:


Hint: This code might be useful:

  1. Open ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & outputFile For Output As #1
  2. Print #1, "<h2>Lab Price</h2>"
  3. Print #1, "<p>Prepared for: " & client & "</p>"
  4. ...
  5. Print #1, "<p>Tables: " & tables & " units, $" & tablesCost & "</p>"
As usual: indenting, good variables names, comments.

Upload your Excel file.

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