Petting zoo food cost

Interstellar explorers find an Earth-like planet orbiting FH-3299. Some cute, harmless creatures have evolved there. You decide to set up a petting zoo, with three types of creatures: skwilks, zambos, and drufts.

The creatures eat earthworms and paperclips. Each week:

  • Skwilks eat 1.8 kilos of earthworms, and 5.3 kilos of paperclips
  • Zambos eat 2.3 kilos of earthworms, and 6.2 kilos of paperclips
  • Drufts eat 3.9 kilos of earthworms, and 7.7 kilos of paperclips

A kilos of worms costs $4.52. A kilo of paperclips costs $7.55.

Write a program to compute the weekly cost of feeding your critters, given the number of each type of critter you have in the zoo. Here's a screenshot:


Round the cost to the neatest cent. It's OK to leave off the last digit if it's zero. Check the rounding numbers hint; it might be useful.

All inputs should be numeric, and not less than zero. Your program should show an error message and stop when there's an error. For example:



Your program can stop immediately when it detects an error, or show all applicable error messages and then stop. Your choice.

You must use subroutines. Use three at least: input, processing, and output. You may use more if you want.

The usual coding standards apply.

Upload your solution.

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